Voltage Stabilizer for Home Application

Voltage stabilizer protects your home application

Voltage stabilizers (often termed Automatic and Safe Voltage Regulators) are static devices to stabilize your utility voltage before feeding to the connected equipment. It recognizes the voltage fluctuations in the utility and regulates it internally to deliver a consistent range of output voltage, if your utility voltage is low; your stabilizer senses it, boosts it to the required level of voltage, and then feeds to the connected equipment to work without troubles. This happens vice versa in the case of a high voltage that appears in the utility line.

The voltage stabilizers get this done by using electronic circuitry, which changes the required taps of an inbuilt autotransformer with the help of high-quality electromagnetic relays to generate the desired voltage. If the voltage to be supplied is not within the range, a mechanism switches the required transformer tap, thereby bringing the Voltage supply within a safe range.

Thus the stabilizer for home (500 VA to 10kVA) acts as a safeguard between your equipment and utility, by continuously monitoring and stabilizing the voltage fluctuations that appear in the utility. It ensures that your valuable appliance receives a consistent stabilized range of voltage as its input for a trouble-free operation and long operational life.

Voltage  stabilizer for home use

Different stabilizers for different home appliances

Voltage Stabilizers are optimally engineered depending on the appliance for which they are going to be used. They are classified on the basis of the energy limit and the features of a particular appliance. Every appliance in our house has a certain energy limit. Keeping those specific limits in mind, the concerned stabilizers are engineered. The different types of Stabilizers are:

  • Stabilizer for Air Conditioner
  • Digital Stabilizer (LCD TV/LED TV/ Music Systems)
  • Stabilizer for Refrigerators
  • Stabilizers for CRT TV, Music Systems
  • Stabilizers for Washing Machine, Treadmill, Oven
  • Mainline Stabilizers

Modern refrigerators/air conditioners come with in-built voltage stabilization

Modern appliances (mostly refrigerators and air conditioners) do come with a bigger Voltage range for operation, i.e. if in past, refrigerators worked well only between 200-240V, now they have a bigger range of 170-290V. Refrigerator comes with inbuilt high & low voltage cutoff but they do not come with in-built voltage stabilizers. Using voltage stabilizers with such appliances may not be necessary unless voltage in your area shoots up or down much above or below the limit in which the appliance can operate.

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