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We can supply you high precision AC stabilizers at a wholesale price, which includes single phase/3-phase automatic servo voltage stabilizers and static voltage stabilizers power rating from 500VA to 3000kVA. Voltage stabilizers for home are available, such as TV stabilizers, car stabilizers, stabilizers for refrigerators, etc.

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Who Are We?

Reliable Supplier Offers Voltage Stabilizers for Home & Industrial Use

Are you still worried about voltage instability and low voltage adjustment accuracy, which will affect the operation or production schedule? is your choice. ATO Automation specialize in design, manufacture, sales and service of voltage stabilizer products and have become a leading supplier in the field of voltage regulator power supply.

ATO Voltage Stabilizers

Voltage Stabilizer for Home

This AC voltage stabilizer has a compact size, can continue work, and have full protection functions. It is designed for home purposes, used on computers, air conditioners, TV.

Single phase voltage stabilizer

Single phase voltage stabilizer features 140V-260V input, 220V/110V output, no waveform distortion, high efficiency, has a short delay, overvoltage, and other protection functions.

3 phase ac voltage stabilizer

3-phase automatic servo voltage stabilizers feature AC 240-450V input, 380V output at a competitive price. They solve the problem of industrial voltage instability and improve production efficiency.

How to Buy a ATO Voltage Stabilizer?

Want to buy an AC voltage stabilizer for your specific need? we offer factory price products for selection. Just contact us!

Automatic voltage stabilizer

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The customer service was excellent, and it was a very pleasant experience, given the whole process of the installation and connection of the voltage stabilizer.
Martin Foster
I have been buying stabilizer power supplies from your website for many years and always give me amazing discounts. Thank you so much for the quality product and awesome customer service.
Bryan Cirius
The company has serviced our needs for the past 10 years. Always provides great AC stabilizers and technical support at a fair price – one time, every time. Highly recommended.
Jane Dowser

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Know more about ATO voltage stabilizer

To assist in choosing the most appropriate and cost-efficient solution to solve power quality problems, we offer advice and guidance on the most frequently asked questions of ATO voltage stabilizers.

What Does a Voltage Stabilizer Do?

The good functioning of the majority of electrical and electronic equipment depends on the supply voltage correctness and steadiness. But Voltage fluctuations are common and quite high in our power lines...

How to Use a Voltage Stabilizer Safely?

Open the package and check whether the enclosure, meter, switch, indicator light, button, wiring terminal, etc. are damaged or not. Only those without damage can be used...

How to Choose a Right Voltage Stabilizer?

The most important thing is to know the nature of the load connected to the stabilizer. First, you must note down the power (or Watts) for all the appliances that will be connected to a stabilizer...

Single-phase Stabilizer vs. 3-phase Stabilizer

Single-phase stabilizers and three-phase stabilizers are available in our company, providing higher performance and more reliability. What are the differences between them?...

Difference between Voltage Stabilizer and UPS

Many users think that the voltage stabilizer is a UPS or that the two can replace each other. But there is a difference between a voltage stabilizer and a UPS power supply...