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A reliable supplier provides reliable voltage stabilizers for home and industrial uses. We been widely recognized for its outstanding performance in quality control, reliability, and maintenance services.

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We Solve Voltage Quality Problems with Most Efficiency

Are you still worried about voltage instability and low voltage adjustment accuracy, which will affect the operation or production schedule? ATO Voltage Stabilizer Inc is your choice.

Our company was established in 2010, specializing in design, manufacture, sales, and service of voltage stabilizer products, and has become a leading supplier in the field of voltage regulator power supply.

About Product

Our AC stabilization products mainly include single-phase / three-phase automatic voltage stabilizers, static voltage stabilizers for home and industrial use. They are directly sold by our China manufacturers, who have strong scientific and technological strength, advanced production equipment, and industry engineers. More than 30,000 voltage stabilizers are sold every year. The products are debugged and verified by professionals before they leave the factory, and they are sold after passing the audit. 

The warranty of our stabilizers is 18 months, the failure rate is almost zero within one year of leaving the factory, and there is no major failure within two years. Customer satisfaction is as high as 93%. Moreover, the company has a group of professional after-sales teams, in line with the after-sales concept of service, for the sake of customers, professional maintenance, and replacement of products for customers, so that customers can worry and rest assured.

Our Values

The values of ATO Voltage Stabilizer Inc are: Wholeheartedly solve many power quality problems such as voltage fluctuation, surge, harmonic interference, and so on in the use of power supply for users. To enable each user to have a safe power supply, and to provide high-tech products with high-tech, energy-saving, and equipment-protecting functions.

Why Choose Us?

Everyone that uses our voltage stabilizers, come back for more. We must be doing something right!

Automatic voltage stabilizer
The customer service was excellent, and it was a very pleasant experience, given the whole process of the installation and connection of the voltage stabilizer.
Martin Foster
Fast shipping and solidly packaged. We enjoy a good working relationship with ATO staff and find them to be responsive to our inquiries and needs. Highly recommend this company!
Christian Scherf
The company has serviced our needs for the past 10 years. Always provides great AC stabilizers and technical support at a fair price – one time, every time. Highly recommended.
Jane Dowser
Single phase voltage stabilizer worked perfectly! I plugged it in and trust my voltage is regulated. I have my PC, TV and entertainment set up connected to this voltage stabilizer and it works well.
Nicole Godfrey
20 kVA three phase automatic voltage stabilizer works well. The output voltage is very stable and safe, well packed and quickly delivered. For the price point this unit does very well!
Omar Testa
I have been buying stabilizer power supplies from your website for many years and always give me amazing discounts. Thank you so much for the quality product and awesome customer service.
Bryan Cirius

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