Why a Voltage Stabilizer is Important?

With the rapid advancement of society, the number of electrical equipment is increasing day by day. However, due to the aging and development of power transmission and distribution facilities, as well as poor design and insufficient power supply, the voltage of end-users is too low, while the voltage of line users is often too high. Precision equipment is like a time bomb. As a public power grid, the commercial power system is connected to thousands of various loads. Some of the larger loads including inductive and capacitive switching power supplies and others not only obtain power from the power grid but also cause damage to the power grid itself. Affect and deteriorate the power supply quality of the power grid or local power grid, resulting in the distortion of the mains voltage waveform or frequency drift. In addition, unexpected natural and man-made accidents, such as excessive load voltage, earthquake, lightning strike, open circuit or short circuit of power transmission and transformation system, will endanger the normal supply of electricity, thereby affecting the normal operation of the load.

The unstable voltage will cause fatal injury or malfunction of equipment, affect production, cause a delay in delivery, unstable quality, and other losses. At the same time, it accelerates the aging of the equipment, affects the service life, and even burns the accessories, so that the owner faces the trouble of needing maintenance or needs to update the equipment in a short period of time, wasting resources; in severe cases, safety accidents even occur, resulting in immeasurable losses.

What is a voltage stabilizer?

A voltage stabilizer is the kind of device that stabilizes the output voltage. The voltage stabilizer is composed of a voltage stabilizer and constant voltage, control circuit, and servo motor. When the input voltage or load changes, the control circuit performs sampling, comparison, and amplification, and then drives the servo motor to rotate, so that the position of the carbon brush of the voltage regulator changes, and the coil turns ratio is automatically adjusted to maintain the stability of the output voltage.

Voltage stabilizer protection function
Voltage stabilizer protection function

One of the biggest functions of the voltage stabilizer is that it can control the output voltage of electrical appliances with large current fluctuations within a certain range to ensure the smoothness of the circuit and the normal use of electrical appliances. The unstable voltage will cause fatal injury or malfunction of the equipment, affecting use, unstable quality, and other aspects. So the use of a voltage stabilizer is essential.

There are three functions of the voltage stabilizer:

  1. Protecting precision instruments with high voltage requirements;
  2. The experimental equipment (assay equipment) of the laboratory (laboratory) with a higher standard is equipped with a voltage stabilizer to ensure the accuracy level (accuracy) of the experimental (assay) data;
  3. Key equipment in hospitals, national defense, factories, schools, finance, and other departments is equipped with voltage stabilizers to ensure the stability and safety of equipment operation. In short, key departments of various industries apply voltage stabilizers to their key electrical equipment.

Do household appliances need a voltage stabilizer?

Since some household appliances contain coil components, eddy currents that hinder the current will be generated in the initial stage of the household appliances. The generation of eddy currents will not only weaken the instantaneous voltage when the appliance starts, resulting in a slow start-up but also strengthen the instantaneous voltage generated after the circuit is broken, which Sparks can damage the circuit. So it is necessary to use a voltage regulator for voltage regulation.

And the voltage stabilizer for home (500VA to 10kVA) has a delay output function. In the event of a sudden power failure, the delayed output of the household voltage stabilizer has a protective effect on the compressors of air conditioners and refrigerators, because the compressors of refrigerators and air conditioners suddenly lose power during operation, and the machine The local pressure in the inner pipeline is very high. When the power is turned on again, the compressor is difficult to start, and it is easy to overheat and burn out. If it starts after 5-10 minutes, the pressure in the machine gradually spreads evenly, which can protect the compressor.

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