What is a Servo Voltage Stabilizer?

Servo controlled voltage stabilizer is a useful and effective device used to maintain a constant power supply. Voltage fluctuation is a common problem in many countries, which can cause damage to electronic devices used in homes and in industries. To solve these appliances safe is to use voltage stabilizers. The automatic voltage stabilizers are widely used in industrial applications to obtain stability and good regulation for sophisticated electrical equipment such as communication equipment and system, process controller, computer equipment, etc.

Servo controlled is a closed-loop system for electric motors. The motor used in servo control is usually DC motor used in the servo is also possible. The servo system uses a sensor to sense motor position/speed. Servo control has a feedback circuit that changes the drive power going to the motor according to the control input signals and signals from sensors.

The Servo controlled voltage stabilizer system having the moving parts provides the continuous supply of power, to regulate the supply voltage to the load. It is very common to have a voltage stabilizer with refrigerators, television, and furnace equipment. Here the electrical appliance is designed to operate under specific voltage conditions to give the desired performances. It operates the load or the system in the acceptable range of voltage, the internal circuit of a Servo voltage stabilizer consists of an autotransformer, rectifier units, comparators, relays, and switching circuits.

3 phase servo voltage stabilizer

The Voltage fluctuations depict the change in the magnitude of the supply voltage, normally exceeding or below steady-state voltage, here the electrical power distribution is 230 volts for single-phase, designed to be operated in the voltage range of operation 220 volts to 240 volts. Many electrical appliances can withstand this voltage fluctuation. By using a servo-based voltage stabilizer system. This type of stabilizer system can be used for the balanced or for the unbalanced input type of the voltages. Here the Servo stabilizers have five major components they are:

  • The microcontroller is used for voltage monitoring.
  • Motorized voltage variable autotransformer.
  • The driver unit system.
  • Double wounded series transformer or the buck-boost type of the transformers.
  • Servo-controlled-based Sensing cards are also called Printed Circuit Boards.

These are the components for the servo-based Voltage stabilizer system, the cascaded type of the DC-DC converters application are used in servo stabilizers and in distributed power systems. The cascaded DC-DC converters are widely used, which are tightly regulated and it operates as a constant power load system known as CPL System. Composed of various components. In this type of voltage stabilizer, most of the electric hardware equipment requires a constant voltage supply and runs proficiently. The developing utilization of the various electrical and electronic equipment requires closed steady voltage supply conditions for effective operation.

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