Voltage Stabilizer for Laser Machine

As we all know, a laser machine is expensive. If the laser machine works under unstable voltage for a long time, it will also cause damage to the machine. In addition to the time and money spent on repairing the machine, the delivery time of our products will also be affected, and the work tasks cannot be completed on time. The laser machine equipped with a special voltage stabilizer can not only stabilize the voltage but also protect the laser machine from damage by the voltage, which is equivalent to adding a layer of protection to the laser machine.

Role of the special voltage stabilizer for laser machines:

3 phase industrial ac automatic voltage stabilizer

When users buy a laser machine, they must be equipped with a voltage stabilizer to solve their worries about the use of the laser machine in the future. A dedicated voltage stabilizer is connected between the laser machine, the CNC machine tool, and the power supply system. It mainly plays the role of preventing external grid interference, and the regulated power supply adapts to inductive, capacitive, and resistive loads, can work continuously for a long time, and can withstand instantaneous overload (2-3 times the rated current).

Of course, some customers feel that their voltage is sufficient when they choose a laser machine, and there is no need to spend an extra cost to buy a voltage stabilizer. In fact, in terms of long-term development, if the laser machine is not equipped with a voltage stabilizer, when the voltage is unstable, the accuracy of the product will be inaccurate, and the laser machine will be burned. Therefore, equipping the laser machine with a special voltage stabilizer is only paid in the early stage, but for the later development, it is actually a small expenditure.

Features of the special voltage stabilizer for laser machines:

  • The special voltage stabilizer for the laser machine is combined with a thyristor control circuit. It is non-contact and maintenance-free during use. The voltage stabilization accuracy can reach ±0.5%, and the voltage stabilization accuracy can reach 40MS.
  • Bypass function, easy to maintain: It can be switched between “stabilized voltage” and “bypass direct power supply”, which is convenient for use in faulty maintenance.
  • Safe and reliable: It has functions such as overload, overvoltage, under-voltage, phase loss, short circuit, and overheating protection, which can protect the load. ATO 30kVA to 1000kVA three phase servo voltage stabilizer is suitable for the laser applications.
  • Strong preset function: output voltage value, protection limit value, voltage stabilization accuracy, and voltage stabilization speed can be set arbitrarily.

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