Voltage Stabilizer for Lighting Device

The normal working voltage of lighting electrical equipment (lamps) is 220V (that is, within the range of 198V~242V). Usually, the supply voltage in an urban or suburban area increases as the electricity load in the area decreases, and this phenomenon is particularly pronounced in industrial areas. Especially in the middle of the night, the power supply voltage will be 10%~15% higher than the normal value of 220V.

Most of the lighting lines supply power to the lamps without reactive power compensation. The power factor is low, and the reactive power loss and active power of the circuit are relatively large, resulting in a great waste of electric energy. Electricity consumption for lighting has become an important aspect of energy conservation. Electricity conservation is to promote energy-saving lighting fixtures, improve energy utilization, and reduce electricity consumption on the premise of ensuring illuminance. With the arrival of night, people consume more electricity, and the voltage fluctuates greatly, which will not only waste electricity but also cause damage to street lights. Configuring a lighting-specific voltage stabilizer is the best choice for energy saving.

Lighting energy-saving renovation is mainly composed of the following three aspects of engineering.

Voltage regulation and control to achieve energy saving

Install high-precision, multi-period real-time controllable voltage stabilization and power-saving equipment to realize real-time voltage stabilization and voltage control in different periods. According to the conditions of lamps and electric places, the unstable mains voltage can be accurately and stably controlled to the voltage value required by lamps in real-time, which can greatly achieve energy saving on the premise of ensuring normal lighting. And effectively protect the bulb, prolong the life of the lamp.

Improve power factor and achieve energy saving

Intelligent voltage-stabilized lighting appliances can implement reactive power compensation on the circuit when the power factor of the circuit is low, improve the power factor, reduce the reactive power loss and reactive current power loss in the circuit, and achieve energy saving.

Balance three-phase output, reduce zero-sequence current and realize energy saving

The special voltage stabilizer for lighting has the function of automatically balancing the three-phase output voltage.

220V voltage stabilizer

With the installation and processing of engineers and technicians, it can greatly balance the three-phase power supply current, effectively reduce the neutral current and ring-phase current, and greatly reduce the line loss, to achieve energy saving.

The special voltage stabilizer for lighting has the features of an intelligent display, high safety, and simple operation. When the voltage changes quickly and fluctuates frequently, the non-contact voltage stabilizer can always maintain the output voltage at the required stable voltage value. Fast response, with lightning surge protection and all protection functions. With overload, overvoltage, short circuits, and other protections, the efficiency is as high as 99%, making the product performance more reliable. The maintenance cost is reduced, and the normal operation of the equipment is effectively guaranteed.

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