Application of Voltage Stabilizer in Instruments

Electronic appliances will generate a large number of harmonics during use, which will inevitably cause interference to the power grid after returning to the power grid, resulting in power grid pollution. Such electronic appliances such as computers, monitoring systems, small communication equipment, automation equipment, and some UPS power supplies will produce harmonic interference. For example, in the analysis instrument that uses high voltage for metallographic analysis, the generation of high voltage is all voltage-doubling rectification and voltage-doubling rectifier loads. The input current is a stalactite-shaped pulse wave with great distortion. The opening angle is about 60°, and the power factor PF≈0.65, but the amplitude of the input current is very high, resulting in a large number of 3rd, 5th…odd harmonics. If it is returned to the power grid, it will cause mutual interference between adjacent equipment, especially for the normal operation of the analytical instrument.

3-phase voltage stabilizer details

In addition to the high voltage stabilization accuracy and large voltage stabilization range, the instrument and equipment must be equipped with a voltage stabilizer, and it is also necessary to resist power grid pollution such as harmonic interference and lightning strike resistance. For example, spectrometer products is a high-frequency current generated by a high-frequency oscillator, which is connected to a tubular coil located at the upper end of the plasma generating tube and cooled by water inside the copper through a coupling system. There are three coaxial argon flow channels in the plasma generating tube made of quartz.

When the power supply voltage fluctuates, the peak surge impact on the high-frequency oscillator will easily damage the components of the inductively coupled plasma spectrometer. This type of spectrometer is now equipped with ATO company’s industrial frequency UPS power supply, which has voltage regulation, uninterrupted 0-millisecond switching power supply in case of power failure, more effective protection of the normal use of the equipment, and prolongs the service life of the equipment.

The voltage stabilizer is designed with a wide range of voltage regulation, high voltage regulation accuracy, short response time, and small output voltage waveform distortion. Special functions such as overvoltage output will not appear even if the power supply voltage is twice the shock. For the peak interference on the power grid, harmonic interference, high-frequency interference, and lightning interference cannot enter the equipment through it, and the harmonics generated by the analytical instrument will not return to the power grid, and will not interfere with each other. It can limit current and voltage, thus protecting the electrical equipment.

In the application of lightning protection, the use environment of radio, television, and mobile communication is relatively harsh. Many of these use occasions are on the top of the mountain and the roof of the building, and they are at great risk of being attacked by lightning. Sometimes, after a strong lightning strike, the lightning strikes the voltage regulator input line package, but the electrical equipment behind it will not be damaged, and the three-phase line voltage and phase voltage are relatively balanced. After the stabilizer is debugged, the input terminal can be used as reactive power compensation for power transmission lines, and the output terminal can be used as capacitive reactive power compensation for equipment, and its power factor is ≥0.95.

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