What Should Do First After Receiving the Voltage Stabilizer?

Unpacking, inspection, and contents checking

When receiving the voltage stabilizer, check that no incident has happened during transport (impact, fall, …) and the specifications of the equipment correspond with the ones stated in the order, therefore it is recommended to unpack the stabilizer in order to make a first visual inspection.

  1. In case of incidents, make the needed claims to your supplier. Never start up equipment when external damages are detected.
  2. Also check data in the nameplate stuck in the packaging and equipment, corresponding to the ones stated in the purchase order, so it will be needed to unpack it. Otherwise, make the nonconformity as soon as possible, by quoting the serial number of the equipment and the references of the delivery note.
  3. Check the packaging contents: 1. The voltage stabilizer equipment. 2. User’s manual.
  4. Once the reception is finished, it is advisable to pack the equipment again till its commissioning in order to protect it against mechanical impacts, dust, dirt, etc.
AC voltage stabilizer features


The storage of the stabilizer will be done in a dry and cool place and protected from rain, dust, water jets or chemical agents. It is advisable to keep the equipment inside its original packaging because it has been designed to assure maximum protection during transport and storage.


The packaging of the AC stabilizer from voltagestabilizer.org has a wooden pallet, cardboard or wooden enclosure depending on the case, polystyrene corners (EPS) or polyethylene foam (EPE), plastic wrap, and polyethylene strip, all of them are recyclable materials; so if you are going to dispose of them, do it in accordance with the regulations in force. It is recommended to keep the packaging, in case it would have to be used in future. Nevertheless, models in the cabinet are supplied with no pallet, unless the transport is by sea or it was requested in the order.

To move the voltage stabilizer, use a pallet jack or forklift through the own base of the cabinet. Proceed to unpack the equipment. To do that, cut the strips of the cardboard and take it out from the top like a cover or dismantle it with the needed tools if it is a wooden enclosure; remove the corners and plastic wrap.

Transport till its location

Voltage stabilizers in this case have four casters, in order to make easier their transport until their location. Nevertheless, if the reception area is far from the installation place, it is recommended to move the equipment by means of a pallet jack or a suitable means to evaluate the remoteness between both points. If the distance is long, it is recommended to move the equipment packed to the installation area and later on unpack it. For models in the cabinet, it is essential to move it with mechanical means till the final location.

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