What does a Voltage Stabilizer do?

The good functioning of the majority of electrical and electronic equipment depends on the supply voltage correctness and steadiness. But Voltage fluctuations are common and quite high in our power lines. They harm your electrical appliances like television, refrigerator, air conditioner, etc., and affect your valuable equipment critically, even leaving them in a permanently damaged condition. Nowadays, many industrial and private users are subject to longā€lasting fluctuations that can be inconvenient or even dangerous. A carefully selected, right kind of stabilizer equipment can get you out of this problem. It prevents undesirable voltage fluctuations to enter into your electrical appliances, thus making its operations trouble-free.

3 phase ac voltage stabilizer

A typical voltage stabilizer is able to respond to changes in the voltage level on the input line. These changes are called sags (voltage drops) and surges (voltage peaks). Sags might be due to undersized distribution lines, the connection of large loads to the network, ground faults, etc. Surges might be generated by disconnection of large loads, increased voltage at the generating plant, atmospheric events, etc.

The duration of such phenomena depends on their cause and is not easily predictable. Sags are generally more common, especially where the distribution is not wide and efficient. Other disturbances like spikes, transients, high-frequency noise, and harmonic distortion have to be treated with the addition of specific filtering systems.

AC voltage stabilizers are used for obtaining a steady AC supply with very close tolerances from fluctuating mains. There are various types of automatic AC voltage stabilizers to suit the different requirements of various special fields. Of these, the microcontroller-based servo-controlled automatic voltage stabilizer offers the maximum advantages. These include close accuracy of the output for all variations of line voltage & load current within the specified limits virtually no waveform distortion, efficiencies of over 95%.

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