What are the Advantages of AC Voltage Stabilizer?

Non-contact AC voltage stabilizer is mainly composed of isolation transformer, SCR module, CPU control core, fast voltage stabilization technology, and safety protection device, which realizes full non-contact control, safety, high efficiency, energy-saving, and environmental protection. It is the perfect combination of SCR switching technology and transformer technology. In the field of modern power supply, to ensure the precise control and reliable operation of the power supply device, power electronic technology must be adopted, and power semiconductor devices (thyristor) must be used in the device. Power semiconductor devices have many advantages such as high efficiency, good control performance, small size, lightweight, and reliable use.


AC voltage stabilizer adopts the new DSP arithmetic and measurement chip control technology, fast AC sampling technology, RMS correction technology, current zero-crossing switching technology, and fast compensation voltage regulation technology, and combines intelligent instruments, fast voltage regulation, and fault diagnosis to make products safe, efficient and precise.

Advantages of AC Voltage Stabilizers

  • Smart meter display: Smart meter display system (display voltage, current, power, power factor, etc.), clear, accurate, high resolution, membrane key operation, safe and reliable.
Process of voltage stabilizer
  • High-speed response: When the input voltage fluctuates greatly and frequently, as long as the voltage stabilization range of the voltage stabilizer is wide enough, the output voltage can always be maintained at the voltage stabilization value set by the user. For any production equipment and instruments, there is no influence of voltage changes. There will be no overvoltage and under voltage trip bypass phenomenon, so there is no need to wait for the voltage to return to the normal state automatically.
  • The voltage stabilizer does not perform a compensation function when it is turned on, and the output voltage is the same regardless of the input voltage. After 1 second of booting, the output voltage value should be detected before the corresponding compensation and voltage regulation, to avoid burning out the electrical equipment due to the high or low output voltage when the machine is turned on.
  • Strong overload capacity: AC voltage stabilizer can be used continuously under 100% rated load conditions and can withstand 10 times the current in 10 milliseconds and 3 times the current in 1 minute without damaging the machine.
  • No distortion: Using the current zero-crossing switching technology, there is no interruption in the switching process, no surge current is generated, so that the waveform is not distorted. The isolation transformer used in the contactless AC voltage stabilizer is an isolation compensation transformer, that is, the main circuit and the compensation circuit are isolated. The advantage of this circuit is that when the thyristor of the compensation circuit switches the voltage gear at the zero-crossing point of the current, the voltage and current waveform of the main circuit will not produce peaks and cut off the current.
  • Three-phase sub-adjustment: The voltage of each phase is independently regulated without affecting each other, and the voltage regulation accuracy is as high as +/-1%. And each phase can independently set the output voltage according to the needs of the load. If the output voltage value of each phase is set to be the same, the unbalance of the three-phase output voltage is less than 1%.
AC  voltage stabilizer features
  • Safe and reliable: It is equipped with functions such as overload, overvoltage, under-voltage, phase loss, short circuit, overheating protection, lightning protection, and fault diagnosis, which can protect the load for 5 seconds.
  • Strong preset function: Output voltage value, protection limit value, voltage stabilization accuracy, and voltage stabilization speed can be set arbitrarily.
  • Bypass function, easy to maintain: It can be switched between ”stabilized voltage” and ‘bypass direct power supply”, which is convenient for use in faulty maintenance.
  • Strong anti-interference ability, control circuit board power supply, and sampling, all have high-medium and low-frequency filter circuits, and the drive circuit that controls the thyristor is also isolated by optocoupler output, which can resist pulse interference signals above 2000V. Such as grid voltage waveform peaks, interference signals, which can calmly deal with.
  • The voltage of the voltage stabilizer is sampled by a digital AD chip. If the input voltage waveform is true, the calculated voltage values ​​are all effective values, which will not affect the output voltage change.

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