Static Voltage Stabilizer Functions

When an unstable input voltage is supplied to the controller, the controller produces a stable output voltage that is precise and constant without voltage fluctuations. Static systems play an important role in the stable configuration of the involved voltage fluctuations and transient disturbances present in the interconnected supply system. The adaptive controlled stabilizer loop system introduced in the controller improves the overall performance of the power system stabilizer operating under adverse or abnormal conditions such as a three-phase short-circuit system. In high-power applications static systems, load-induced voltage fluctuations are reduced.

The static voltage stabilizers function effectively which involves the property of its dynamic linearizability having algorithms, control laws which are having the ability to have constant output voltage tracking with its arbitrary range of speed convergences having the protection from the various common-mode type of noises and high momentary capacity for demanding applications and the equipment involved are control PCB, IGBT type of the power stages, AC input and the AC output which neutralizes the common. The PWM control is used in the constant torque conditions. Servo voltage stabilizers involve microcontroller-based type circuitry.

Static voltage stabilizer structure

Electrical equipment can be used everywhere, where it can be seen in houses, offices, industries and almost all the places. The dependency on the various electrical equipment has become indispensable and the reliability of this electrical equipment is highly desirable. The failure of these electrical equipment results in heavy losses of devices and hardships. The static voltage stabilizers do not include any of the moving parts as in the case of servo-based voltage stabilizers and it is easier to produce better accuracy and voltage regulation systems.

The quality of the electrical power supplied by electricity boards will not be good. The voltage of the supplied electrical power may deviate from the desired safe range. Much electrical equipment is sensitive to an electric voltage. The drop in voltage may be due to the overloaded conditions. There could be a spike in the supply due to rain, falling of trees on electric lines, or due to the loose connection in the power line. To protect the electrical equipment from mains voltage variations, static voltage stabilizers are used. These stabilizers are used at the input of the equipment, they will stabilize the mains voltage and will correct the abnormal voltages to a safe range. The amount of static voltage stabilization depends on the type of stabilizers that are used. The selection of the various stabilizers mainly depends on the electrical load and the cost of the stabilizers.

Static voltage stabilizer schematic

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