IGBT Static Stabilizers Benefits

IGBT type Static Stabilizers are most suitable for fast, step-less, and accurate Voltage regulation. These systems are built on state-of-the-art technology with dual voltage & current tracking with a robust algorithm to ensure that sensitive loads are effectively protected from grid voltage variations. The basic topology uses a buck-boost transformer with a higher primary secondary ratio for voltage corrections up to +/- 25%. The voltage correction is achieved electronically without any step changes in voltage during regulation. The system is microprocessor-based & works on a feedback & control system.

Need of IGBT Static Stabilizers:

Static voltage stabilizers
  1. Increased usage of precision equipment like PLC, CNC machines, AC/DC drives, IT infrastructure etc. These all are very sensitive to input voltage variations.
  2. Expensive downtimes result in loss of production.
  3. Voltage fluctuations are affecting the quality of the products, resulting in higher rejection levels.
  4. Existing constant voltage solutions have very slow response time.
  5. Moving parts of the voltage corrector affect the load by generating micro sparks & line noises.
  6. Wear & tear of the moving parts, results in high maintenance cost.

Advantages of IGBT Static Stabilizers:

  1. Voltage correction through IGBTs with a response time of 100v/msec.
  2. Fast and accurate continuous correction without overshooting.
  3. Isolation from line disturbances & fluctuations.
  4. No moving parts & stepless correction.
  5. Efficient operation of equipment with increased & qualitative productivity & reduced rejections.
  6. Compact in size. 
  7. Auto Bypass Facility of the system.
  8. Output short circuit protection. The AC voltage stabilizer system detects abnormally heavy current flow from input & indicates occurrence of short circuit. Instant tripping will isolate the load & simultaneously switch off the IGBT converter to provide protection against damages.

Application Field of Static Voltage Stabilizers

  • Medical Equipment, X-Ray Machines, Centrifuge, MRI/CT Scan, etc.
  • CNC, Laser & Moulding Machines, etc.
  • Printing Machines, Color Processors, Packaging Industries etc.
  • Textile & Weaving Industries, Central Air Conditioning, Chemical Industries, Processing Plants, etc.
  • Commercial Buildings & Complexes.
  • Oil & Gas – Petrol Pumps using dispensing machines centrally connected through SCADA Telecommunications, Radars, etc.
  • Information Technology & Call Centres, Defence Installations, IPTs & HPTs
Voltage stabilizer wide applications

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