2kVA/ 5kVA/ 10kVA to 1000kVA Static Voltage Stabilizer

ATO Static Voltage Stabilizer has 2kVA/ 5kVA/ 10kVA to 1000kVA capacity. They feature High Voltage, Low Voltage, Over-temperature, Overload, Short Circuit, and Phase Break protections for its own operating safety and also for all electronic devices in your business to work safely. There is a “Manual By-pass” unit that enables the loads to be transferred directly to network voltage for providing usage flexibility and working safety. It is equipped with thermomagnetic fuses in its input and output terminals.

Static voltage stabilizers

Technical Parameters

  • 2kVA – 1000kVA static voltage stabilizer with single-phase or three-phase outputs
  • All industrial voltage value (208V/ 380V/ 400V/ 415V/ 480V/ 600V)
  • Wide input voltage range -65% / +45%
  • Maintenance-free new technology with Microprocessor controller
  • High-speed regulation (Up to 500V/sec.)
  • High Efficiency (97%)
  • Self-test facility
  • A circuit breaker is used with an appropriate value according to the nominal input voltage
  • CPU controlled thyristor units for power management
  • Protection against overload, over-temperature, high voltage, low voltage, etc.
  • Flexible design and software property that can easily orient itself to different grid and voltage conditions
  • On / Off and manual by-pass switch for working through the grid, in cases where malfunction happens or when maintenance needs
  • Real static-modular design with THYRISTOR technology used in power units and SMPS technology in feeding units

Static Voltage Stabilizers are the devices of voltage control, protection, and management which are microprocessor controlled, and which have high-speed semiconductor technology. They are adjusted to the right voltage value required by industrial devices that are fast-growing and that are becoming more sensitive, and they are designed to meet their continuous, settled, and secure energy needs.

They are designed with their compact, aesthetic, and modular structure, in such a way that they can be easily connected with electric systems everywhere in the world. “BUS-BAR PANEL INPUT-OUTPUT MODULE” which is required for direct connection can be added to BUS BAR systems optionally on request. Information such as Input Voltage, Output Voltage, Load Amount, etc. can be viewed, breakdown and warning information can be followed on LCD DISPLAY which is standard in TSVR SVS. One may reach devices over on the web, view all information on LCD DISPLAY, and change setting values of the device with “REMOTE VIEWING AND MANAGEMENT”.


Static voltage stabilizer structure
Static voltage stabilizer structure components