What Should We Do If the Voltage is Unstable?  

Electricity consumption in remote mountainous areas and rural households has increased sharply and the lines are too long, while the power supply facilities are relatively lagging behind. In the case of a tight power supply, the voltage in the home will be unstable (mainly low), causing many household appliances to work abnormally, and even serious accidents such as burning electrical appliances and causing fires. In order to ensure the safety of household electricity use, when the power supply voltage at home is unstable, the following measures can be taken to solve the problem.

1. Buy wide-voltage household appliances

Household appliances have been designed to take into account the power supply voltage fluctuation factors in use so that they can ensure normal operation within a certain voltage fluctuation range.

In recent years, some enterprises have produced wide-voltage household appliances according to the electricity consumption in rural China, and the applicable voltage range is very wide. If the voltage in your home is unstable and does not meet the national standard (the voltage in the range of 198 volts to 235.4 volts is normal), try to choose a wide-voltage type when purchasing household appliances.

2. Avoid using high-power electrical appliances at the same time

Nowadays, there are many household appliances, and they will inevitably be overloaded when used at the same time. The direct consequence of overloading is that the current is too large, resulting in excessive line voltage drop, low user voltage, and wire heating. Serious overload will cause the fuse to disconnect or The automatic tripping of the air switch will lead to a sudden power failure in the home, which may cause a fire in serious cases. Therefore, it should be noted that high-power electrical appliances should not be used at the same time, especially during peak hours of electricity consumption, high-power electrical appliances must be staggered.

3. Choose energy-saving household appliances

Buy energy-saving household appliances to save energy and reduce consumption. For example, under the premise of ensuring the quality of lighting, it is preferred to choose lamps with high luminous efficiency, good color rendering, and safety and efficiency. For general lighting, compact fluorescent lamps should be used. Electric appliances like TV, refrigerator, the air conditioners should also use energy-saving products.

4. Buy and use a voltage stabilizer

If the power supply voltage in the home is often not within the allowable voltage range of household appliances, a voltage stabilizer should be purchased and used. For example, when the power supply voltage is often lower than 187 volts, a voltage stabilizer should be used for electric household appliances, otherwise, it is very easy to damage the household appliances during use. The following three points should be paid attention to when buying a voltage stabilizer from the supplier:

Different types of voltage stabilizers

First, it is fully functional. The voltage stabilizer purchased has the following three functions: voltage stabilization function, which can stabilize the voltage of low voltage 125-165 volts or high voltage 250-270 volts between 200-230 volts, so that household appliances can work normally; automatic power-off Function, when the input voltage is higher than 270 volts or lower than 125 volts and the output voltage is higher than 235 volts, the power supply can be automatically cut off; the delay function, when there is a sudden call after a power failure, the output can be delayed for 4 to 8 minutes power supply. When buying a household voltage stabilizer, you must pay attention to whether the above three basic functions are reliable.

The second is to determine the appropriate power. The apparent power of household voltage stabilizers ranges from 500 watts to 8,000 watts, and the price ranges from tens of yuan to several hundred yuan. The power of the voltage stabilizer should be selected according to the power of the electrical appliance, but do not only calculate the rated power consumption of household appliances, because many electrical appliances have a much higher current than the rated current when they are started, such as refrigerators, air conditioners, fans, etc. Generally speaking, the air conditioner should choose a voltage stabilizer with 3 times the power, the refrigerator should choose 5 times its power, and other electrical appliances have lower requirements. When purchasing, you should also consider the use of several electrical appliances together. The power is better than small so that the output power of the voltage stabilizer is sufficient to meet the peak impact of the instantaneous current of household appliances.

The third is to purchase qualified products. At present, most of the voltage stabilizers on the market are produced by small factories, and most of them are substandard. The products should be well-packaged and include a complete manual, certificate of conformity, warranty card accessories, and the manufacturer’s name and production address are marked on the manual and product. Never buy substandard products for cheap prices, which can effectively prevent potential accidents.

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